Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gitta Bags In Stock now at TBC!

Great things come out of Israel, need proof, Gitta Bags! Designer, Hagit Neeman-Gorny, is a mother of three and graduate of the Department of Industrial Design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Gitta Bags are sleek and modern and are the perfect solution for active and stylish parents. Backpack and stroller bags are convenient and can attach in various ways to strollers.

Some bags offer the Activefold; an innovative product that combines toys hanging from an activity arc, which can be folded into a very small size directly into your Gitta Bag. This feature offers baby constant amusements while resting or during a diaper change

Gitta Bags are available now at TBC with free shipping...satchels, totes, innovative travel accessories, and childrens bags are also available by Gitta Bags.

BabyLegs Coming Soon to TBC!

Expect BabyLegs to be available for purchase at TBC in just days! Amazing creations for arms and legs! Can be worn in countless ways for the whole family. My eldest son is beaming; he has requested Black, White and Dark Blue BabyLegs to look cool for his basketball games and maybe to impress a certain young lady! I won't name any names here! Youngest lil man will be using BabyLegs as he goes on his carpet adventures and they are a must have for my darling daughter and her future dance classes...No Ballerina should go without BabyLegs!

New Products! LAF Brand!

The ball is rolling at TBC...made a few minor changes with color and such. This week should be very busy...will be adding more great new brands and products. Very excited about LAF Brand! Their Attachables clothing and Roll n Go Bags offer function and style! The onesies and tees have sleeves that attach with velcro making it easy for parents on the go and for unpredictable weather! LAF Brand diaper rolls are awesome just unroll and pack it with everything you need and roll it back up and turn any of your designer bags into an instant diaper bag! LAF Brand was featured in Celebrity Bump Bag! These products will definitely save you time! As a mom of three I know the value of time and it is priceless!