Wednesday, February 11, 2009

FLATOUTbears, Cocoon Couture, Oobi Baby Hoppers, Minimink & So much more!

TBC has some great new products we are really excited about and so much more coming!!

are so cute and luxuriously soft! They have a celebrity following and have been featured on the Today Show! Soft, cuddly and flat, the FLATOUTbear is made of 100% pure Australian sheepskin shaped like a teddy bear. They are just gorgeous. They're natural, plush and luxurious - perfect for babies, kids, grannies... What can we say, everyone loves FLATOUTbears.

This is what some what some well-known people have said about their FLATOUTbears:

Thank you so much for the adorable bear. It has already found a home in our family. We greatly appreciate your generosity! Deborra-Lee & Hugh Jackman

'I really struggled with the question of whether I had the strength and character to give (the FLATOUTbear) to my son rather than keep it for myself...' Sarah Jessica Parker

'Thank you so much for the FLATOUTbear. I love it & I know our baby will too!' Jennifer Garner

'Thank you for the kind congratulations and the Flatoutbear...' Princess Mary of Denmark

Talk about luxe for baby Minimink offers wonderful faux fur for kids. Minkmink has booties, hats, scarves, throws, stroller accessories, an organic collection and much more! Who wouldn't want one!

There are now several products in the (minimink)® range under this heading and all use the same very high quality faux fur and are lined with 100% cotton. Available in rich lush chocolate, warm honey brown and creamy soft milk. Each color is unisex and combines well with other colors of childrens clothing; prams and interior decoration. All products are machine washable and retain their softness.

Cocoon Couture has been featured in Vogue, Belle, Family Living, Home Beautiful, Junior, Parents and Real Living.

Cocoon Couture offer a delightful range of boutique children's bean bag covers specially designed with everyday use in mind. Each bean bag cover features our quirky critters in vintage fabric applique on pinwale cord colors that blend in with any décor.

Beans sold separately and can be purchased at TBC.

Cocoon Couture offers portable style for kids with their Kinder Bags that are perfect for the new little student to take to school, outting, or play date!

TBC is bouncing over these Space Hoppers by Oobi Baby they come in five great colors: red, green, blue, orange and pink...your kids (and maybe the big kid in you) will love these!

Every child deserves something handmade with love and attention to detail...Be sure to check out our sweet new dresses by Oh So Sassy! Pictured here are The Splash of Red, Lola Lee (Reversible) and The Whimsy.

They are perfect for your sassy girly girl...and the Susie May and Lola Lee are reversible! Two great dresses for the price of one!!!

All these great dresses and more are available right now with free shipping at!!!

I am proud to share some wonderful new Nursing Essentials at TBC! I call them essentials because that is just what they are! As a mother of three, all of which I nursed! My Eldest Son, 18 months! Second child 12 months and Youngest Son, 11 months who has yet is still gettin and lovin the mamas milk...I cannot stress to you new or soon to be mothers out there how much you need a nursing cover!! Do not let anyone else tell you otherwise. You need one...even if you do not plan on going anywhere; they are great to have in the house even when visitors come to see your precious new one! and believe make a baby and they will come! ;P How can they resist! So TBC currently offers two great brands Moo Moo Blankets and Belly Fish! With my eldest I had to do it the old school way and hold a receiving blanket in my mouth while I draped it over him! I cannot even believe I did this! No wonder he was so squirmy and frustrated it was because he sensed my tension of having to nurse in public with wiggly baby! I would get all hot, sweaty and flustered. My friend introduced me to Moo Moo Blankets,

it was worth every penny I got many compliments on my stylish leopard print nursing blanket with pink trim and rosettes!!! hehe and my daughter did great at nursing because she didn't have a stressed out mama freaking out...When I had my third I had already given my Moo Moo to a friend. So I opted to get a more boy appropriate nursing cover.

We also offer an All in One! by Belly Fish an iParenting Media Award winner! It is a pillow and nursing cover all in one in 6 great stylish fabrics.

I wish I was not almost done nursing; otherwise I would definitely get one!

So anyone considering a nursing essential you can pick one up at TBC with free shipping I would suggest buying buying a Moo Moo and a Belly Fish! I bet it would be worth every penny!!!

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  1. Great images! I came this close to buying the one at Overstock the other day...Im wishing I had something in my office. I want a fur throw too! I vote the RH one. Looks the most luxurious. Altho, I like that white one on Overstock.
    buy minimink faux fur blankets