Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweet Barrettes by Bugalug

Sweet Treat Barrettes by Bugalug

Bugalug Boxed Gift Packaging

This just in at TBC...6 pack Barrettes by Bugalug available in 10 different sweet styles. These come gift ready wrapped in tissue and on a 6 pack card or upgrade to boxed gift wrapping.

What makes Bugalug unique? Bugalug barrettes have recently introduced their newest, most innovative and BEST clip yet! They have gone 100% magnet free and have added a silicon gel GRIP to the inside of EVERY barrette. This grippy strip is the 1st of it's kind. Many other barrettes are finding ways to imitate their grippy strip, but they just can't compete with this unique design. Like always, their clips are great for any hair type and any age, from baby to adult, but they are especially great for fine hair. When nothing else will stay, try a Bugalug - you won't be disappointed. With their simple, trendy, no frills designs, your little one will be able to wear them with tons of different outfits for years to come! And remember, they are glueless too - their clips can withstand the washer and dryer and never look bumpy or clumpy from glue.

Get yours now at TBC with free standard shipping to anywhere in the Continental United States!

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